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Try your skills at domino.

You and your friends are on a paranormal investigation at an old asylum, you encounter something and the next thing you know you are all alone.

Lucky & Clever
Simple Board game, rool a dice (figured like a mill), the duck movement is automatic. When the duck is stop answers the question who appear. If you give the rigth answers take an extra movement of 3 square and collect some point, otherwise pass your turn. Who is the first that reach the house get 500 points and do the game end. Wins who collect more points.

The ESCAPE (prologue)
Avoid crashing fences and police cars, arriving to México before time ends. You must get the finish line on time (checkpoints every 40 seconds, total 4x40=160 seconds). Every crash will damage your car. Unlock hidden cars and get the best time!

See how far you can skip a clam across the sea!

Easter Egg Blast
Shoot flying Easter eggs with a cannon in order for them to shatter and drop candy onto the hungry kids below.

URBAN Traffic
URBAN Trafficbr Catch the Bad Guy With Yellow Carbr Use Arrows Keybr X for Shootbr Down for Hand Break

Maze 12.0
This Game is classic Maze game.

Asteroids Reinvented
A new competitive fun & stylish remake of the old game Asteroids
Upgrading system, levels & easier steering is what Asteroids Reinvented stands for!

TAOFEWA - Born of Fire 1 - Manga & Quiz
Read the TAOFEWA manga - Born of Fire (Chapter 1) and take the TAOFEWA manga quiz. If you think that you allready know enough about TAOFEWA you can skip the free manga and jump directly to the TAOFEWA Born of Fire Quiz!

Jigsaw puzzle: anime
A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped, interlocking and tessellating pieces.

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