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Escape The Cellar
Collect all the keys and escape the room

UltraPlatformer TutCollab
Ultra tutorial collab for platformers!

Einarmiger Bandit
Einarmiger Bandit is a great slot machine simulator by Flash Games . Place your bet and pull the arm to start the machine.

Chump Change
Chump Changed is a fast paced puzzle game where you attempt to place coin shapes in such a way that it will force a row or column to total over $1.00. Once that happens the full $1.00 is removed, but any change left over is placed right back into the game randomly. This means that if the row you clear out is worth $1.08 you will clear out $1.00, which is added to your score, and 8 cents will be placed back into the game randomly. The value of the change is the red number that you see rising to the top of the game board. Here are a few hints to help you get higher scores
br -- Clear out more than one row or column at a time. The more you clear out at once the more each $1.00 is worth
br -- Manage the pennies. You do this by changing them into larger coins, as soon as you have 5 pennies in the game try turning them into a nickle.

Space Linkage
Destroy the other ships, aim precisely and with one bullet make it to the next level
Each level presents different objectives.

Infectonator! : World Dominator
Infect people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World!

Fist Pumper
Help NYC-based pop-rock trio, Tiny Animals, "fit in" as they tour down the coast of the Jersey Shore. Be sure to collect items along the way, while avoiding obstacles and bad items that will hurt you. Oh, and have fun pumping your fist to the music.

Type the correct letters to earn score and change game speed in this fast paced typing game
br After each round, you are able to choose between increasing your number of shots or increasing your reload speed.

Animal Filled1.1
this is a good game you will like it

Spotfinder - The Doctors
Spot the differences in all of "Doctor Who" doctors. You have a limited amount of time but five jokers to complete the game.

Fun, simple, beautiful and very addictive...

Billit is a puzzle strategic game in which you must slow down the balls to rank them before they reach their destination.

If correct rank achieved -> next level + life win. If not, loose life and start level again. If no more life, go back one level and win 1 life.

Objective : end the game with the highest life.

30 levels available. More to come.

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