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Mercenary Soldiers III

Plant Life
You're basically a plant... and err, you have to fight the unhappy blocks.

Make many words by adding new letter next to existing letter.

The game has 3 levels, To cross each level player must be win in 1 to 3rd any place then he go to next level
Use up arrow to increasing bike accelerating. Leftright arrows are moving the bike leftright
Collect red cans on your way for extra fuel. If fuel is over game will be end
Avoid clashing with rival bikes, to prevent damages to your bike
Game end if player win in 4th place or fuel over.

Car Race on a Crooked Road
Press UP Arrow Key to move the car
Press DOWN Arrow Key to stop the car
Press LEFT, and RIGHT, Arrow Keys to steer the car
If the car fuel is over the game ends.

Dawn of the Hulker
Fight epic battles, conquer planets and constantly expand and upgrade your fleet
br The known galaxy shall be destroyed. By you.

After a dangerous accident Tommy collapsed into a coma. When his body lies in a hospital bed he must find a way out from weird dimension between life and death. But it won't be easy. Clowns - the rulers of that place - prepared a lot of puzzles to stop the boy in their world.

Galactic Titans
Race through the galaxy to be the ultimate driver to have conquered the universe. Jump in your car and accelerate to the speed of light, that will make you the galactic titan above all races!

guides the ship out of the cave
good luck

Drifting Hyundai i10
Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the drifting hyundai i10. This game including 3 modes - 4x4 pieces, 5x6 pieces and 7x7 pieces. Use mouse wheel or spacebar to rotate the selected pieces.

Chaotic Balls
crazy and addictive action!

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